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Assistant Masters Association

Institute of Education


Contextualising information about teachers in private schools. This collection will not be useful if you are trying to trace a relative who was a pupil in a private school.

Detailed usage description

The Assistant Masters Association was established as a union body for teachers in private schools, particularly in secondary schools. As well as establishing professional standards for teachers, the association was also involved in establishing wider educational policy. The archive contains minutes from association meetings, officer notes and publications.

If you know you have a relative who was a teacher in a private secondary school you may find contextualising information about them here, particularly if you know that they were active in the Assistant Masters Association or if they were involved in establishing educational policy in private schools.

There is little, if any, information about individual pupils at private schools and therefore this is not the place to trace relatives you know to have been private school pupils.

How to tell if the collection is useful

The collection is indexed, but the index is only available to the archivists. You should email a query to the giving the following minimum information about the relative you are tracing:

If you plan to email the archivist with a query we suggest that you read our tutorial on how to do this most effectively.

Access arrangements

The Institute of Education Archives are open to the public by appointment. You typically need to demonstrate that you are conducting genuine research (which you do by emailing a valid query to the ) and bring some form of identification with you if you visit the archive. The location of the archives and its precise access arrangements are listed on the Institute of Education Information Services website.

More Information

A full collection level description of the archive (IoE ref: DC/AMA) is available on the AIM25 site and the institute's own website.

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Abstracting information

Usage Themes Geographic area covered Size of collection Dates
  • Family history
  • Occupations
  • Contextualising information

England and Wales

Approximately 270 boxes of material

1898 -- 1978


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