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PARRY, Lawton (survey of Lawton Parry's Estates)

Senate House Library, University of London -- Special Collections


Descriptions and maps of farms and villages in Salop, Denbigh and Montgomery at the turn of the 19th century. Useful to local historians with an interest in that area.

Detailed usage description

The collection contains particulars of valuations of estates owned by Lawton Parry in the counties of Salop, Denbigh and Montgomery at the turn of the 19th century. Farms and villages are described and in several cases mapped to the level of individual fields. In a few cases tenants are also named, but unless you are very lucky this is unlikely to be use as a family history resource.

This would be a useful resource for local historians wishing to find some contextualising detail about farms in the counties of Salop, Denbigh and Montgomery. The maps are very well drawn and detailed and therefore it shouldn't be difficult to match the estates described in these volumes to modern landmarks.

How to tell if the collection is useful

If you send a query to stating that you are interested in MS 650 and giving the name of the farm or village you are interested in, then they will respond with whether it is refered to in the volumes.

If you plan to email the archivist with a query we suggest that you read our tutorial on how to do this most effectively.

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More Information

The catalogue number for this collection is MS 650. A collection level description of this collection is available on AIM25.

Example(s) of the holdings

Figure 1. Map and details of Mount Farm, which lay within the estates. Click on the image to enlarge it

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Abstracting information

Usage Themes Geographic area covered Size of collection Dates
  • Local history
  • Contextualising information
  • Community life
  • Pictorial history
  • Agricultural history

The counties of Salop, Denbigh and Montgomery.

This collection comprises two volumes with about 50 pages each, referring to approximately 30 farms and villages.

1797 -- 1806


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