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British Linen Company (subscription list)

Senate House Library, University of London -- Special Collections


Charter of the British Linen Company and manuscript list of subscribers in Edinburgh and London.

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The Charter of the British Linen Company and its rules are printed and the subscribers list, which lists the value of each subscription, is manuscript. This is effectively the constitution of the Company: its Court of Directors' composition and the rules according to which it selected its officers and conducted its affairs.

If one of your ancestors was a subscriber, this document would reveal to you their degree of influence within the company, which varied according to the value of the subscription, and point you to other sources, such as those periodicals in which meetings were announced, which might also mention them.

How to tell if the collection is useful

The subscribers, and their locations, are listed at the end of the manuscript. If you think one of your ancestors is amongst them, email , Senate House Library, University of London, giving their name.

If you plan to email the archivist with a query we suggest that you read our tutorial on how to do this most effectively.

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Reference access to Senate House Library holdings for members of the public costs £5 per day, or £25 for seven days. Access to archival holdings generally requires that you make prior arrangement with the . Details of membership arrangements and opening hours are available on their website.

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The catalogue number for this collection is MS 458. A collection level description of this collection is available on AIM25.

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Figure 1. Sample of the charter and list of the subscribers to the company. Click on the image to view a full size version.

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  • Pre 1750

Great Britain

49 subscribers in Scotland and 34 in London



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