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Parliamentary papers relating to royal grants (1690-1702)

Senate House Library, University of London -- Special Collections


A bound volume containing summaries arranged by date, with some full transcriptions, of grants of money, land and goods and appeals for grants. This book of grants could be used to follow up at least three varieties of historical lead if you're interested in local or family history.

Detailed usage description

This volume containing summaries arranged by date, with some full transcriptions, of grants of money, land and goods and appeals for grants from the late 1600s. Some grants are not explained and some described as relating to forfeiture resulting from the revolution of 1688-90 or to High Treason. Included is a list of rents out of particular areas, some with values, but none naming the recipients or payers (for example 'A rent out of lands in Dewton - £0 6/5').

If you're interested in an individual known to have received a royal grant or whose lands were forfeit during this period you could use this book to track down fuller details of the grant or forfeiture, including the precise acreage and in some cases the value of the land's rent.

If your interest were more geographical than biographical, you could explore the history of the area concerned both in terms of ownership and dominance of the area and of its wealth relative to other tracts of land or its changing worth over the years.

The book also offers a snapshot of royal patronage in a period straddling the watershed of revolution, both in terms of the realpolitik of (re)distribution of land and culturally, in terms of the style of description and explanation of the redistribution.

How to tell if the collection is useful

If you have an interest in either a grantee or in an estate that changed hands during this period as a result of the revolution then it's likely that the book contains material of interest.

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More Information

The catalogue number of this volume is MS 67. A collection level description of this collection is available on AIM25.

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Abstracting information

Usage Themes Geographic area covered Size of collection Dates
  • Family history
  • Local history
  • Contextualising information
  • Community life
  • Pre 1750
  • Crime and criminality
  • Political history

England and Ireland

Several hundred units of territory are covered.

1685 -- 1702


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