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Searching the Helpers descriptions

The way that you search the Helpers database is fairly similar to how you browse it. Type the words you are looking for into the box labelled 'Search for' and then select which sections you wish to search in. (The default is to search in all sections). Then click on the 'Search' button. The results of your search will be presented in the same way as the results of a browse are.

You can order the results of your search in exactly the same way as you do when browsing.

If you do not find any results, then try broadening your search terms. For example if you're looking for records about 'Camden', and you don't find any, try searching for 'London' instead.

The search page also allows you to search by theme by selecting particular themes from a drop down menu. Searching by theme is a valuable way of narrowing the set of descriptions down for you to browse through. To search by theme, select the theme you are interested in and click on the ‘Search by theme’ button.

The next guide is Should I search or browse?


The Helpers system is developed as part of the Accessing our Archival and Manuscript Heritage project, at Senate House Library, University of London, funded by the Laser Foundation and the EARL Consortium. Please see the project website for further details.