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Technical issues

The website has been thoroughly tested, but if you experience problems, this section may give you some hints on how to solve them.

The website has been tested using Microsoft Internet Explorer v5, and v6 on both Windows and Macs. It has also been tested on Firefox and Safari browsers and works well on all these browsers. The HTML is W3C standards compliant and therefore should work on any other standards compliant browser such as Opera, but we haven't specifically tested it.

The site is not likely to work well on Microsoft Internet Explorer v4 or earlier, or on the earlier versions of Netscape.

Because the HTML is standards compliant the site should work well with accessibility browsers or screen readers. However we have not specifically tested the site in this way and would welcome any feedback from users who have used it with these sorts of browsers.

The menu system and the glossary specifically make use of JavaScript technology. Some security systems switch off JavaScript capability and therefore if the site seems to be behaving oddly this is likely to be the source of the problem. The JavaScript on the Helpers site is not a security risk and you should be able to switch on JavaScript capability without putting your computer at risk when using the Helpers site.

This completes the tutorial on how to use the Helpers site.


The Helpers system is developed as part of the Accessing our Archival and Manuscript Heritage project, at Senate House Library, University of London, funded by the Laser Foundation and the EARL Consortium. Please see the project website for further details.